Monday, December 3, 2007

About Telesat International

Realistically Practical Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise Trainers
M/s Telesat International is a Ugandan based Organization majoring in realistically practical Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Training (MSME) among other projects.

Mr. Maalik Fahd Kayondo an Indian/ UK MSME Trainee is the Chief Trainer and founder of Telesat International.

Legal Status
M/s Telesat International(TSI) was formed and registered in Uganda in 2004. (Reg #: 70971)

Key Objectives
TSI was established to among other things, take the lead in the fight against poverty through training Ugandans in ‘Realistically Practical Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises’ (MSME) such as making Candles, School Chalks, all types of Soap, Sugar, Cosmetics, Cement, Envelopes & Paper Bags, Juice, Agro Processing, Milk and Fruit Powders etc with emphasis on work from home projects that can utilize locally available resources.

Breaking the York of poverty by spearheading the practical poverty alleviation campaign through ‘Realistic Practical Market Demand Driven Micro Industrial Work From Home Projects’ and some productive Agro-Processing.

A productive entrepreneurial and independent society

Our services
Since 2006, our poverty eradication campaign has been in over drive evidenced by the fact that; we had by 30th Aug 2007 trained well over 5000 Ugandans in various cottage industrial projects.

Majority of our trainees are now earning a living from the home based projects we trained them.
  • What is the Duration of Training?
Normally a day is enough for a project but a follow up proceeds thereafter.
  • What are the requirements for one to get trained in a particular project?
No age or gender limits as we also have no education requirements involved.
  • How do I apply to join your trainings?
You need to come to our offices in person because before you enroll for any training, we have to first guide you on the feasibility and requirements of the desired project.
  • Do you have any successful trainees to show?
These are in thousands now. Many people are now making from their homes products like; Candles, School Chalk, Bar Soap, Liquid Soap & Laundry Detergents, all types of Cosmetics, Wood Varnish, Paint etc. You just have to drop into our office to get direct contacts to witness the developments your self.
  • How has the Government of Uganda helped you?
From the Government of Uganda? Not even acknowledgement has ever come to us from that side! We are just struggling on our own to help God's people.
  • Where do you get the raw materials from?
We make sure that all the required raw materials are available either from local resources or from local dealers in industrial chemicals.
  • When do you conduct your Trainings?
All weekly days and through the weekends. You just need to come and pick a monthly program to know what will happen when.
  • Do you charge any fees for your services?
Since we have no any sponsor, we have to charge a fee to cater for the running costs that we inccur plus a token for the facilitators. Our fees range between Uganda Shillings 10,000/= and 50,000/= (U$ 6 - 29) depending on the desired project.
  • How do I know where to get the materials from?
It is our resiponsibility to guide you on where to get the required materials and equipment.

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